Something new from my Stormy boys

A new song and MV from my favorite Johnny boys:

My MatsuJun looks delish as usual.
I think the song’s a bit different from Arashi’s usual output.
It’s like they’re showing a bit of growing up and growing old–something that is to be expected for a band whose members were nearing the end of their twenties.

What about you? Does the song brings something different to the table?

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    *giggles* *smiles* i heart matsujun! *more giggles* *more smiles*

  2. JennInJapan says:

    Love it! It’s great isn’t it? I love how much more mature the song is. It’s really great to see them evolving with such depth and maturity! 😀
    Is it just me or did Nino’s hair get super super fluffy? XD haha
    And my ichiban darling Aiba-chan’s legs look sooo skinny in those pants. hehe

    But it’s a pretty song musically and lyrically! And I think it’s going to do well. 😀

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Hey Jen!
      I think the song ushers in our boys in a new direction.
      Ahhh– what can I say? I only have eyes for my MatsuJun! But all of them looks amazing. I don’t like what Ohno was wearing tho (damn those stylists!)

      I agree it’s a pretty song. Now I am excited for their further releases!
      Our boys are growing up 🙂

      Thanks for dropping my blog

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