Trust Hollywood to ruin good Asian movies — they butchered My Sassy Girl, they butchered Il Mare, “Shutter” was a downer and now they sight their sights on “Okuribito” (Departures) the Oscar-winning movie of 2008 (Best Foreign Film).

“Okuribito” tells that tale of the men (and women) involved in the traditional undertaking business in Japan. Unlike in the West where they prepare the body for the final viewing, the traditional morticians of Japan shows a moving step-by-step process on preparing the body of the departed for its final journey.

I really do hope to God that the machinations of the uber-powerful Hollywood will not butcher this movie. As someone who watched it (and cried and laughed with the characters of the film), I will simply be devastated when Hollywood messes this up again.

Do tell me–why does Hollywood insist on making Asian remakes? Are they running out of stories?

Tokyo Hive