Lunching at Orchard Road with our kids

Me, The Hubby and the kids had lunch at Orchard Road last Sunday.

Nah, we didn’t go to Singapore (I wish!)
I was talking about Orchard Road, the less than a year old restaurant at Megamall.
We also had the kids with us.

The Queen and Baby Brother

Nope, we still haven’t got kids nor am I already pregnant. The “kids” were my siblings, The Queen and Baby Brother–whom I am very close to. We almost do everything together. When I was about to get married, the three of us (minus The Hubby), went to Hong Kong Disneyland for a last “all-singles” bonding. There are times when The Hubby, The Queen and I will go out just to shop, eat and hang out. The Hubby and I would often refer to these two as our “firstborns”.

What can I say about Orchard Road? The food and the ambiance is acceptable enough. They serve the foods which you’ve gone to love when in Singapore. The thing is, their prices are not exactly cheap and the servings are not that big. So my verdict? okay lang but not something worth forsaking all the hawker centers for.

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