It’s raining MatsuJun for Spur JPN – August 2010

Seen on the cover and on the inside pages of SPUR Magazine (JPN) for its August 2010 issue.
Fangirls, rejoice.

Cover Page for SPUR

I just want to jump into that inflatable pool with him...
I could be your Bella, Jun. Never mind that I am not her biggest fan. But for you, I'd sprawl myself on the grass
he looks so effing kawaii here. Like a child off to kindy!

And of course, my most hated advertising campaign to ever feature my MatsuJun:

I hated this campaign. Jun doesn't look too good here. And I hated the TVC!

Of course, you remember the weird TVC which I simply hated:

Magazine download – Tokyo Jam

6 Replies to “It’s raining MatsuJun for Spur JPN – August 2010”

  1. *sigh* and *heartmelts* What a wonderful way to start my morning….I heartchoo Matsujun! May I steal the pics Lanie?

  2. …and wait a minute…is that…effing mascara?!?! i may not know exactly what it is…but it doesn’t look like it’s for boys…why matsujun…why?!?!?! i give you props for the BEST. LOOKING. EYEBROWS. I’VE. EVER. SEEN. ON. A. DUDE. …but…seriously now!…how can i sell you to my other friends, telling them you’re a hot dude, if you keep promoting that!

    1. Exactly Fizzy! My point exactly!
      The commercial is freakish and too weird at best!!!

      About the pics–do steal!!!

      1. *creepy* all i can say to that commercial is…”WTF?!” eyelashes grew on the furniture???? eeeeeee……

  3. i seriously almost got this magazine the other day but i spent my $30 on a mag w/ oguri shun’s face on it instead. luckily you’ve posted the goods!

    btw, i will probably be stalking your blog from now on :))

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