Park Yong-ha laid to rest today

Anguished fans and his heartbroken friends and family accompanied Park Yong-Ha on his final journey today.
PYH, star of Winter Sonata and Loving You, was found dead last June 30 hanging from a charging cable in his own house. His mom was the one who found his lifeless body.

Many has cited depression, sadness over his father’s lingering illness and a ten-year battle with insomnia as some of the causes why PYH took his own life. But since his family has requested that their privacy be respected on this very difficult time, I guess the investigation was finally completed.

Pictures from All-Kpop reflected the sadness and grief of PYH’s friends from the entertainment industry. His best friend, So Ji-Sub, has kept vigil on PYH’s body since it was first brought at the hospital and was the one who carried PYH’s picture during the funeral. Eugene, his leading lady during “Loving You” and who was rumored to have dated him during the filming of the drama, was also inconsolable.

Loving You

The fact that PYH chose to end his life doesn’t mean that people should judge him for what he chose to do. The feeling of being alone especially when in the midst of difficulty is not something that all of us experience. PYH has taken his secrets with his death. What follows is the difficult and painful path for healing for his suffering family. I hope the Korean media respects their privacy. It also helps that we put an end to the speculation on why he chose to end his life. Maybe, out of respect and love for someone who was one of Korea’s brightest stars. At 32, he had his future in front of him. There was so much that he can still do.

Park Yong-ha, Rest in Peace.
Condolences to his family, friends and fans. He was a great actor and he will be missed.

All K-Pop

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