Can’t get over Pretty Boys (and Girls)

Last Tuesday, I was finally able to see an episode of Pretty Boys and Girls over at Animax.
From the initial line-up last time, new faces have been added and old ones has been replaced depending on the voting process. Cutesy girl Young-gi is still present, as well as the sarcastic Jun-Yeon.

Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls!

On my previous post, I voiced my opinion that Jun-Yeon who seemed to register on my gaydar. Maybe it’s because of the way he raises his eyebrows and makes all that sarcastic comments to the host. But he gained a little of my respect on this Tuesday’s episode after he displayed some of his paintings and drawings to the other pretties (oh, can I call them that? pretties…) I am still not sure if he indeed leans on the other side BUT WHO CARES ANYWAY? In the first place, I’ve always believed that ANYONE deserves to be successful in his chosen field regardless of sex, race or age.

The reason I am posting this is because I think I finally got the reason why Jun-Yeon remains in the running for the Prettiest Boy — it maybe because of his pretty face, his dry sarcastic wit or maybe it’s his talent. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins this contest in the end.

One Reply to “Can’t get over Pretty Boys (and Girls)”

  1. pretty boys and girls is just so so so so coooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllll mann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its just wahat to say ulzzang shi dae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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