The ORIGINAL Forever 21 is here!

Yey! the ORIGINAL Forever 21 is coming to the Philippines!
Filipinos can now have a taste of fun, edgy, flirty fashion:

at third world prices — meaning, at prices WE CAN ALL AFFORD.

In the States, Forever 21 is a brand known for its affordable yet fashionable collection. Loosely termed as fast-fashion (yeah, something similar to fast food), Forever 21, H&M, and Zara were some of the brands associated with fun, fashionable yet AFFORDABLE clothes. But we do all know that the price of merchandise at Zara here in the Philippines (unless they are on sale) is not exactly for the faint-hearted.

Known for its expansive stores and wide selection of merchandise, Forever 21’s 27,000 square foot store in Megamall is my current idea of heaven. Imagine the wide selection chica shoes and clothes that is oft for the taking! This early, I am mentally calculating my budget for the coming 15-days in order to accommodate a shopping spree at Forever 21 once it opens.

Forever 21 will open on July 02.

Pictures courtesy of Forever 21 blog, The Skinny

3 Replies to “The ORIGINAL Forever 21 is here!”

    1. Excited na din ako, Anna!
      Spent 2 hours this AM surfing Forever 21 website and their blog, The Skinny!

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