She works hard foh the money

Early this month The Hubby and I were talking on how we can further augment our income.
Don’t get me wrong, the money we earn as corporate slaves do pays the bill and allows us to buy things we need — but with plans to seriously look into building a family of our own, we need to earn extra cash.

So, the best solution (and most logical at that) is to start accepting freelance work for writing and PR purposes, things I could do as soon as I arrive at home from the office, and would only require my brain, a laptop and a good internet connection. This is the solution I arrived at since I am not the type of person who’d get rich selling various stuff (for Pinoys, it’s Avon, Natasha and all other stuff that required the use of a product catalogue, glib of tongue as well as endless patience (to collect the payment). I also didn’t want to do something that would violate office ethics of my current workplace.

Hence, starting last week, I’ve started doing some odd stuffs (letters, reports, etc) for one of the raket endorsed to me by my sister. The work load is easy and its something I could do in my spare time (meaning, 9PM to 12 midnight) which I often spend idly anyway — might as well earn something and do something productive)

I’ve been contemplating on buying a good laptop (via installment) so that I could go full blast with my raket and eventually accept future freelance writing jobs in the process. But as soon as I still don’t have the funds for my laptop, I am subsisting on a borrowed Dell Vostro, as well as good old lakas ng loob. My only motivation is the thought of earning extra–something which will eventually go to my little family.

With God’s grace and guidance, I know I can do it. He’ll find a way when everything seems to be impossible, and in vain.

4 Replies to “She works hard foh the money”

    1. thanks fizzy…
      I guess that’s why I am the KamikazeeGirl — sugod lang ng sugod! fight lang ng fight!

  1. Good luck, Lans…. I am proud of you… that really is forward thinking…. We’re cheering for you and if ever I need them or any of my friends… of your services I mean… I know who to endorse it to…

    Regards to you, to mike and all your kitty cats… mwah! miss you, lans!

    1. thanks mommy
      it is through the support of people like you that makes me strive to be a better person
      somehow, umepekto ang lahat ng sermon nyo ni Papa C nuon!!!

      …haaay i miss playing taboo with u guys 😦

      PS. Blog ka na din kasi — write about motherhood and career. Adventures pa lang ni Teff, puno na blog mo!
      I look forward to your sarcastic, witty prose!

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