Calm before the Storm?

I’ve been living through this for almost a month now. I’ve been doing my best to remain steadfast with what I do–and on how I do it. I try to erase all negative thoughts and feelings and simply focus at the task at hand. I’ve been trying to remain calm, remain positive and carry on with my head held high.

But I am not a saint. I too have my limits. I have been staying put out of respect to the person who impressed me and I have considered an icon of success. That, and the bright individuals have been the only thread that bonds me to this place.

But how do you get by, when faced by drudgery everyday?

6 Replies to “Calm before the Storm?”

  1. I’ve read that book this year and it’s a good constant reminder to not sweat the small stuffs.

    If I am feeling down, there are three things that I personally do:

    (1) Eat especially in a new restaurant

    (2) Do something new or be happy 🙂

    (3) Sleep on it and I will wake up with a prayer 🙂

    1. I agree on your 3 things, Sorren
      It’s just too hard sometimes to remain calm when you’re not inside
      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Hi Lans! Yes, tao lang po tayo and we do have our limits…but humans have been known to do great things (depends on how you perceive the word great) right? But it is your life & you are free to decide on what you wish–just don’t do anything rash.

    I guess for now, here’s a hug from me…and like what is written on top of your blog: KEEP CALM & CARRY ON! =)

    1. Thanks mommy
      It;s just hard to work amongst morons and atribidas!!!
      Nakaka-curl ng kilay! hehehehe!
      I mishuuuu and steffie and papa C more!

  3. lans… lam mo naman na sa lahat nang workplace may ganyan… ang pinag kkaiba lang nang lahat ay ang the ff:

    1)the ratio of stupid people with stupid answers to us who gets to receive them

    2) the morons who actually think they are not…

    3) the people na ma-eepal na super mapapel and your boss thinks she / he is actually doing a good job

    Ma segue lang ako.. nag ta-taboo kami one lunch time and si Papa V nagpahula… “O si For some reason-girl ay wala nito..” naku! lahat kami nagtawanan at sabaysabay sumagot nang Brain! ha ha ha

    Miss you lans, hang in there….

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