Morning Musume member swipes at Jun Matsumoto’s fashion

Arashi dream boat Jun Matsumoto’s fashion choices got a swiping from Morning Musume member Michishige Sayumi.

Michishige Sayumi was a guest in Arashi’s Mannequin 5 corner of the boys’ variety show where she is asked of her opinion regarding Arashi’s choice in fashion. This has always been part of the show were the boys were critiqued for their fashion choices. For that particular episode, it was flower prints fashion.

Morning Musume's Michishige Sayumi

From the start, Sayumi has been harsh with her comments—but when it was Jun’s turn, her comments are worst than ever:

“You have very gaudy face, and this flower cloth makes you even more flamboyant. You don’t know yourself well. Moreover, it’s just too much.”

All Matsujun could say was that the snippet of the program was not about his face, but about the clothes they wear!

All I can say is that–I know Arashi (and most of the Jimusho boys) do not have the best stylists and will not exactly top Japan’s best dressed list. During concerts, some of the stuff they wear would make you question their fashion choice, as if the stylist is pegging their looks from Liberace or Elvis Presley during his Vegas days (too much sequins! too much ribbons! too much ruffles!). But, for this Morning Musume member to say her not-so-nice comments harshly, on ARASHI’s show, on live TV and on Jun Matsumoto’s face–that is literally courting the fan girls’ ire.

I hope this girl will survive the onslaught of hate mails. Last I hear, her blog has received 5,000 comments due to her too-blunt fashion critique on the much-loved Stormy boys.



4 thoughts on “Morning Musume member swipes at Jun Matsumoto’s fashion

    • Correct, Fizzy!
      For someone whose group dressed them like the typical gravure/av idol, she has the nerve to take a swipe at Arashi, and JUN at that!
      She is freaking crazy. I think she has a death wish or something.

      Hmmmn, don’t know yet if this is in YouTube.

  1. Do you know her to tell that she is a Bit*h? I like her because she can say what she want to say.Not like other idol, keeping their good image. And we didn’t even know if its scripted. It is a variety show, it may be scripted. and its not that big deal. Arashi fans are just over acting.

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