Hello Kitty x Pony is Luuuurv

Saw this at Chuvaness, and I must say that it is indeed Luuuurv at first sight:


My love for all things cute and being a closeted Hello Kitty fan, I simply must have this. But with the price range at PHP3,295 to PHP 3,495 — I am quite sure that I will never hear the end of it from The Hubby if I dared even blow almost close to 4 thousand bucks on a pair of shoes that for sure I will not always use for fear of it looking old at such a short time.

But, I really want this! Must present a solid argument on why I should own a pair of Hello Kitty X Pony.
On top of mind would be cos I haven’t bought something expensive for myself for a very long time (yeah right, like those wicked Ipanema sandals from two days ago — but hey there were GCs involved!).

Anyway, here are two more styles that would make you love that adorable, glamorous cat even more:

All pictures from Chuvaness

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