Girl Crush

And so, girls must not be in like with other girls.
We girls are a curiously weird and adorable lot. We don’t like it when there are girls much prettier, much more adorable and much more cooler than we are. Notice that when a hot girl enter the room and we start nit-picking on what’s wrong with her.

But then again, this is before this hot, hot woman which recently graced local television

Namie Amuro

The Coke commercial, featuring J-Pop princess Namie Amuro (Amuro Namie) is simply awesome. How can a girl so sweet looking be so fly when it comes to busting those moves? And would you believe that she’s already 32?

Oooh, I freaking adore her

One Reply to “Girl Crush”

  1. omg lanie! i was meaning to tell you this–i love her too! i swear, when that coke commercial comes on, i am hypnotized! gosh, when i grow up, i want to be just like her…until i googled her and found out…we’re of the same age! but i love that coke commercial!

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