Irresponsibily Authoritative

Not too long ago, I vowed to be more mature when it comes to my career and work-responsibilities. For a while, it was okay, because I was working and enjoying myself at the same time. I had too much to learn, and I am not too proud to ask for help for those willing to teach a newbie.

Three months, six months came and went and I was still here. Maybe, starting to be a lot more comfortable of my department and the people I work with. The process was not easy. I was amidst egotistical graphic artists, little miss know-it-all, apathetic kibitzers, the jerks and clowns of society and Little Miss Bitchy-Me has to adjust or else it will be blood bath everyday. For one, I used to work with the egotistic graphic artist who fancies himself as the next Creative Director of the company–despite the fact that he goes to work late and just brings everybody down with his negative countenance and endless whines towards traffic, the weather, the powers-that-be, the idiotic girls (us!) he works with, etc. etc. Then finally, he decided to go AWOL and well, to say that we were elated beyond belief is simply an understatement.

We were ecstatic, especially when two more girls joined the team (Yey! we’re all girls now!)

We were howling, giggling and laughing like banshees everyday, disrupting peace and quiet for the whole floor. We were having food delivered left and right, eating with wanton abandon…we were surfing, singing, caterwauling to the various muzak that filled the small work space. We were taking photos, stupidly posing like wannabe models, filling various places with unimportant poses that would mean nothing to the job at hand.

For once, we were uncontrollable.

And then we got caught for slacking off.

credit to owner

So yeah, from now on, no more cellphones allowed – our phones got collected every start of the day, locked up, given back at lunch, collected hereafter, to be returned once again at the end of the day. This will be an endless cycle of happiness for the rest of our work life (here) unless the law gets lifted or something.

Yeah, the earphones? we also kissed them goodbye last night. So now, with no music to fill the dreadful silence, we resolved to sing the Voltes 5 Opening Song (Borutesu Faibu No Uta) and the Ending Song (Chichi Wo Motomete/Looking for Father) every chance we got. We were like a bunch of drunk Nihonggo students, mangling the pronounciation, lyrics and melody all at the same time.

And since we are not ENCOURAGED to laugh to hearts content, we are proposing that we should probably learn to laugh without sound lest our teeth would show. Every a few hours or so, someone would check up on us should the decibel levels get a bit higher than that of a prayer meeting’s.

We were a pretty pathetic lot, the five of us.

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