I love this McDonald’s commercial, shown in France:

I could imagine the local version? Any suggestions on who you want to star on it?
Here’s other gay-themed CMs that I love:

And who could forget the Ponds commercial shown here in the Philippines, which was so cute (not the mention that the male leads were cute as hell as well)

In my current workplace, gays were not a minority but a screaming, fab majority. I think the office is about 60% female, 30% gay and 10% male. They are a force to reckon with–not because of their confident personalities because there are actually times that they are 100% prettier and daintier than the women. I love my gay office mates–as more often that not–they’re waaay more upright and honest than the women and MEN combined.

And they love to air their opinion: they’d fuss on me for times when my outfit is so fab they just have to make it known (Ay neng bongga! San ang shooting?); one has made it her/his (?) lifelong to dish out comments WHILE the monthly employee awarding is ongoing (“aaaay! kilala ko yan! kamukha lang ni Jinkee Pacquiao!” she dishes out to one, “isang taong biyuda pa lang pero lumalandi na si ate!” she announces to another “lucky” awardee who had no choice but just to blush; and another has significantly changed my perception of “massage parlors” (no thanks to the cellphone cam and the pictures that go with it).

Joking aside, I loved how the gays have made their mark in this little work place. They are hard-working, conscientious, honest and yet oh-so-fab even at the midst of a very difficult sales quota. They make working a lot more enjoyable, hilarious and unpredictable. I love how some of them dress fashionably manly yet just be so landi when needed. The same way that I am in awe (and inggit) of those with big 36C breasts they usually sport, along with the whistle-bait figure that shows no trace of the men they used to be.

They say that in the absence of a strong woman influence in one’s life, the best bet that you could have is to pray for the presence of a gay best friend. I have yet to find mine.

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