“Sa una lang masakit…”

It’s only painful in the beginning…

Wipe that freaking leer off your face, you dirty minded freak. 🙂 I was talking about my first day doing Muay Thai, yes your favorite tub of lard has finally decided to lift her butt off her swivel chair and be healthy for once.

I don’t know if it’s this recent crush with Robin Padilla, the former Pinoy bad boy who turned uber eye candy. Robin, incidentally, is the poster boy and the face of Muay Thai in the Philippines.

Yeah, KamikazeeGirl at the height of stalking joins a sport to catch a glimpse of her favorite actor! Stalker extraordinaire, much?

No, seriously — I’ve finally decided to do something about my health. Aside from my weight gain, most of the time I am the only weakling in the room. I really feel that I will meet my early death if I keep on with my kind of lifestyle. I have always wanted to try any kind of martial arts, even attempting to take up Judo for my PE in college (I ended up enrolling for “Folk Dance”. Incidentally, my PE classes in college were boring, Swimming, Badminton, Folk Dance and Modern Dance). Then came the new office mate, the crazy M who was doing Muay Thai and who eloquently mentioned that the great Robin P. often drops by during Muay Thai competitions.

The next day, I was buying my hand wraps for my first-ever Muay Thai training. Yes, the possibility of running into Robin Padilla wearing his Muay Thai shorts is just too sweet to pass up.

Anyway, so here I am aching in parts I never knew existed. During training last night, I never knew that I could open my legs that WIDE! I could actually imagine how low my kicks were last night, I almost looked like a munchkin practicing my dance number. For the first 30 minutes of training, I was Rocky, baby! My punches were solid and strong, and it was connecting on the pad with a loud “thunk”. That was for the first 30 minutes. The next 30 minutes saw me pleading with the kru to go lightly on me, and oh–can I sit? how about a two minute break? can I drink water first? ayokooooo na po please!

I am supposed to buy the uniform by the weekend. And if I buy that, then it’s a commitment already. Just you wait you guys — give me about 3 months and I could probably show all of you a mean kick…

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