Today’s Uniform – 29 May 2010

I saw this one on the T-Shirt issue of Nylon Japan.
One of these served as my peg

May 2010, Nylon Japan

Then, tried to bring my own flavor into it:

I love this t-shirt! I had this for three years, I think? It’s from Analog Soul and says “Rocking the Third World” on the print. I love it’s message and as I’ve said, I’m into this whole nationalistic/patriotic phase. My Analog Soul and Team Manila shirts are some of my favorite clothes.

I love this picture cos it’s washed out and bright. The people with me are my friends from the office. They share my love for pictures but they’re not as crazy as I am.

Hahahaha…note my stupid pose. The crazy person who took this photo kept saying “make love with the camera! make love with the camera!” I could imagine S, the one wearing bonnet and has a digicam perpetually attached to her face, doing the horizontal mambo with the great black SLR. I am one effing sick person, I am sorry.

For the details:
Plaid polo – a hand-me-down from The Queen (she bought the wrong size, it’s too big for her)
T-Shirt – from Analog Soul, about PHP550, I think?
Red Belt – from People Are People, PHP220 (on sale)
Blue Slacks – Bench (PHP700)

Oh–also wearing these cute flat shoes. Catalogue-bought at only PHP350.

And yeah, I was wearing contact lenses of two different shades. L, the loudest person I’ve ever met in my life, has an ophthalmologist brother and has brought the sampler contact lenses to the office just so we could play with it. I was wearing a blue and grey one. I love the grey one and was thinking of buying it. At 900 bucks, I think it’s a fairly good deal. I also don’t know how to put on contacts and ended up tearing badly.

The price of vanity, I know.

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