screaming for a vacayshuuuuun…

As mentioned endlessly in this blog, my mind is pretty saturated at this point–literally screaming for a well-deserved vacation. There’s a couple of holidays in my work calendar that I can’t wait to fill with some wandering, but the state of my finances pretty much leaves me tied up to this f@cking swivel chair. How do you know if your body is screaming for much-needed vacay? There are tell-tale signs. Finishing a simple copy for one of the ad materials takes up half of my day, when it normally takes me 2 to 3 hours tops. My mind sometimes wanders leaving me half-asleep staring at my PC screen while the danged cursor blinks, blinks, blink…. And all I could think of sometimes is just to leave…pack my bags, allocate a budget, ride a plane or a bus or anything just to get away from the maddening city.

circle of wanderlusts

Was supposed to have an out of town thingie with friends from my previous job this coming Saturday. The only ray of freaking sunshine in my otherwise bleary world. (Effing ’emo) But there’s been a death in my husband’s side of the family which lays parallel to my weekend plans, and so for once–I must be the good wife and support The Hubby during this time. I pretty much offended Hubby’s side of the family with my indifference so this time, I’ll be where I am most needed–beside him.

So, with weekend plans canceled, I am pretty bummed with the possibility of staying put and wasting time again going on travel sites and lusting after destinations I can barely afford. I haven’t gone to the beach this summer, except for the company outing in Zambales where I ended up staying on the pool, hanging out rather than swimming. People here in the office was planning something but with twenty thousand destinations suggested and a myriad of plans thrown in, I don’t exactly consider this serious planning. Especially if you work with crazy people.

I really am relying on luck that we’ll get to plan something great. I am also keeping my fingers crossed on the swimming activity with friends from the previous office. I am also asking the Queen to plan something for the two of us for August 13-15 (long vacay in the office) maybe a trip in Kota Kinabalu or something, but this also remains to be seen.

For the meantime, the only ray of sunshine in my life is the scheduled renewal of my passport. I am changing my passport to the new machine readable kind, and already had a schedule from DFA on 04 June. (Will blog of course about my DFA experience).

Anyway, what’s left to do but dream? Hoping one day, I’ll be updating this blog and informing my two loyal readers that yes–finally–I am going away on a trip.

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