From bad boy to heart throb…

You do all know that I am not the biggest fan of Pinoy movies, much more Pinoy actors. I don’t know why I refuse to be smitten by local young actors–when in truth there’s a lot of pretty talented and handsome young actors out there. Case in point: Coco Martin, Ryan Eigenmann, Jericho Rosales and TJ Trinidad–these are pretty handsome and capable actors yet no one were able to replicate the feeling of “awww, shucks he’s just so gwapo” that looking at Jun Matsumoto or Daniel Henney brings.

But then came Robin Padilla, on his recent reincarnation as Head&Shoulders endorser and Wowowee host.
Can you say OMG?

From being the “Bad Boy of Philippine Movies”, Robin morphed into an all-around actor, plus a credible product endorser. When he stopped wearing those (funny and dated) leather jackets and started wearing the suit, along with the narrow necktie–he literally transformed from bad boy to eye candy heart throb.

With the stupid outburst of the original host of a Philippine noon time show, Robin was tapped by Channel 2 to temporarily sub as its guest co-host. People freaking loved him!

Here at the office, Robin rules lunch time conversation and videos of his Wowowee debut kept on playing on individual PCs. We gush and heap praises–quite a first coming from a group of people who claim to have an aversion to local mainstream cinema.

Well, Robin Padilla, it seems is the great equalizer.

5 Replies to “From bad boy to heart throb…”

  1. Of course, working for the evil empire, I do get to watch every episode (except the weekend ha!). I agree with you 100%. He is quite the charmer…and not annoying unlike that certain host that made that sudden outburst.
    Check out that commercial of his…that one where he snowboards? Forgot the product but he looks great there.

    ps: I used to stalk tj trinidad in college. You should see him come off the football field all sweaty and muddy! rawr!

    1. Whoa? Stalking TJ–for real?
      He has been a major eye candy since his commercial way, way back…PLUS, this is weird but he gives off a “brandon-y” vibe for me 🙂
      If you see Robin for real can you get me an autograph? Hahahaha! SERIOUSLY!

  2. Oh the tales I could tell about my stalking habits in college! I get what you mean when you say he gives off a “brandon-y” vibe. It must’ve been the hair..we could only watch & imagine from afar as his equally gorgeous gf back then would run her fingers through it. Are you referring to the swatch commercial?

    Oh & did I mention that he was shirtless when he would come off the field all sweaty & dirty? And have I told you about my close encounter with him? Suffice to say I ended up looking like an idiot after that encounter.

    1. …I…am…drooling…and…freaking…INGGIT!
      Yeah, it’s the hair…and the eyes! OMG–must we also share TJ Trinidad.
      Nope, you haven’t told me yet THAT story. Do spill!

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