A piece of silence

I work in a place where silence, literally, is golden.
People don’t speak or say something in my department–we scream, shout, curse unprintables, laugh like there’s no tomorrow. But we don’t talk. Our communication level is advanced, yet the decibel level is more advanced compared to that of a Mariah Carey concert.

To get a piece of silence–for times when, yes we do actually have to work–we put on earphones. Not that puny looking ones but those big industrial looking types like we were DJs on a forbidden rave. The music we listen to is as diverse as the available music in Raon. Two of my freaking office mates has a habit of listening to the same damned song over and over and over again. (This week, it’s B.o.B “Nothing on You”) One has this weird propensity to suddenly sing, just sing LOUDLY out from nowhere. Me, I listen to Arashi, Incubus and Glee while drafting articles. This week, it’s Number Ones from Motown.

I love earphones. They’re just a small gadget but for me, they have the capacity to make everything around you invisible. Or better yet, to me they’re like Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak.Only in reverse. I just put them on and voila–the world ceases to exist. It’s the perfect shield for high pitched office mates (my department is full of ’em), annoying jerks, the chaos of the world and people I just don’t want to talk to. Earphones has become an effective tool when I want to ignore someone. I put ’em on and you don’t exist.

I blogged before that I badly needed new earphones for my long-suffering iPod. I haven’t bought one, still in spite having whined about it two or three months ago? I am saving money and is eyeing a fake Skull Candy available in Divisoria for like a hundred bucks. Yes, I refuse to spend 2 thousand bucks for a gadget that can be bought for less. Call me a shameless buyer of knock-offs, I don’t freaking care. Hmmmn, come to think–I should drag The Hubby to Divi one of these days. My shopping list is kinda getting long and I need a lot of things that for me only 168 can provide.

Anyway, back to those earphones. Thanks to my kakuriputan (tight-wad) my iPod’s old earphone is now down to its few frayed wires. I really need to get one for iPeeeenk (my iPod’s name) if I want to buy myself peace and quiet when I go out and commute and I am stuck in a world that is replete with losers, whiners and the baka majority.

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