If Jun Matsumoto is dating…

…this girl, then she better be good to him!

Meet Shibasaki Kou, a singer/actress who played Jun-kun’s sister at this year’s Wagaya No Rekishi, the Fuji TV Anniversary Drama. It was reported over at Asian Fanatics forum that the two has been seen leaving together during a recent night out with friends

say it aint so...

While I would have loved to translate the article myself, my non-existent proficiency for Kanji won’t be of any help this time.

As a true-blue (embarrassingly hysterical) Jun-kun fan, I’d say we give the boy the chance to date and find someone who’ll really take care of him. Jun’s not getting any younger, and while Shibasaki Kou is older than Jun by 2 years (hmmmn…so he likes older girls? :-)) news reports state that the two has been getting along really well during the promotional activities for their recent drama–though it doesn’t look like anything’s romantic between them. Who ever our Jun may be dating, it’s about time that fans realize that they should not meddle with the romantic relationships of their favorite idols. (Oh come on, you do think that he’d suddenly pick you out from the sea of screaming girls and declare that you’re his destiny? If you really think that, you have to stop yourself from watching too many romantic doramas).

In one way or the other, we have to accept and realize that these Idols, no matter how heavenly-looking they are, are still human: who gets tired, cranky, happy, delirious and also has raging hormones that needs to be addressed.

If you ask me, I’d rather that Jun-kun ends up with Mao-chan. They look so good together and they are very, very close. If these two pairs up, I’d be one of the happiest fan girls ever! (Wow, spoken like a true-blue onesan)

4 Replies to “If Jun Matsumoto is dating…”

  1. Lanie…please stop…stop…I can’t take it! Not yet! Not yet! I’ve only just discovered him 2.5 months ago…don’t I get some sort of reprieve first before you bring this on me?

    I’m not “that kind of fangirl” who cannot differentiate fantasy from reality. Hello? I maybe psycho, but I’m not delusional…but, can’t you give me break on this one? If not, then I shall start ending my “relationship” with Matsujun…way before it has even started.


  2. Hmm… I followed Junstyle every week. He did say that he is lonely and wants to have a family. He wanted to experience love. I hope he really finds the one that he really love rather than because many of his friends have already had a family. And hopefully not a celebrity. So he can have a peaceful family life.

    1. I agree. Jun deserves a happy life. He deserves someone who will take care of him
      Thanks for dropping by

  3. I hope Kou won’t make Matsujun down like two guys she has before : TAKUYA (Oh my lovely celeb!! >///<) and Tsumabuki.


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