A playlist for the pimply teen

Due to the fact that I fell asleep for most of the Then & Now concert (yes, embarrassing but true), I came to assess what I was listening to all through out the 90s.

I tend to like different things and I refuse to be boxed by certain music categories, so my play list growing up is as diverse as the CDs lining up the local music shop. I like a lot of different things from different genres.

My last years in primary school, I pretty much stuck to what my dad listened to because I don’t have the money yet to buy my own records.

1. New Kids on the Block – NKOTB is the first boy band I ever liked. And like any fangirls, my favorite then was the youngest, Joe McIntyre whose voice alone could bring me to extreme glee. I watched their morning cartoons and even collected their merchandise (comics, wrist watch and heart bracelets)

their costumes isn't exactly GQ material

2. BeeGees – this is part of my dad’s influences. Most of the time, I listen to this when dad is hogging the stereo. And even till today, I love listening to Beegees’ vocal stylings (Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive, aaaaaa-iiiii—ve!)

3. Beatles – one of my two all-time favorite bands (the other one is Incubus).No explanation needed.

High school year in one of those all-girls exclusive Catholic schools. I met and befriended one of the biggest heart throbs in high school, making me the other half of the legendary “boyish” duo who trawled the school corridors making pa-cute to girls. (Hahaha! Yes, maarte me was boyish in high school. I even looked and dressed that part). I was still an NKOTB fan and even cried during class one time when news broke out in school that the boys died in a plane crash (Obviously it’s a stupid rumor as NKOTB went on to stage their reunion in 2009).

1. Greenday – I liked Greenday due to the influence of my sparring partner then (the R in RL, I was the L). I had their first studio album, “Dookie” which I think is a cute name for sh!t…The trio of BJ, Mike and Tre opened my then 14-year old eyes to punk.

2. Weezer – My first taste of Weezer is through the catchy “Buddy Holly”. This alternative band from LA is both amusing, simple and profound–all at the same time. My favorite songs from their albums include “Undone–the Sweater Song”, “Only in Dreams”, “Buddy Holly” and of course “Across the Sea”

the Blue album

3. Rivermaya – with its dramatic and now iconic “214” as my favorite song

4. Eraserheads – every kid who grew up in 90s loved Eraserheads. They were considered the “Beatles of the Philippines” and credited for giving life to then struggling local music industry. Eraserheads is present in the life of every genXer and pretty much defined the music preference of my generation.

Entered University and started hanging out with my stupid crazy college barkada who I fiercely love. I still retained my love for Greenday, Weezer, Rivermaya and Eraserheads, especially with the ‘Heads since one of my college friends sounded a lot like Ely. Started liking (again) them boybanders. This was magnified when a college crush gifted me a dog he aptly named “Nick” after the BSB heart throb who I liked back then. Here’s my boyband list:

1. Backstreet Boys
2. Boyzone
3. N Sync
4. LFO

In late 2000, after I graduated college –the boy next door introduced me to this band called Incubus, and their front man named Brandon Boyd.

This is the first Incubus song that I liked:

And these are the songs that define my life:

…I never looked back after this. I found my religion in Incubus, and my God–Brandon Boyd. I started risking life and limb (and my financial security) for all the times Incubus is in Manila. This is the only time I will risk being in a concert, when the boys are playing in Manila. Otherwise, I am not your average concert-goer, and I’d rather spend hours at the internet. Or sleep.

Footnote: Of course the year 2000 and beyond saw me going gaga for various Japanese acts and Jay Chou. These boys will have to work hard in order for them to reach the top of my playlist–safely occupied (I think for forever) by Brandon and the rest of the boys.

3 Replies to “A playlist for the pimply teen”

  1. Wow! We are so made to be friends! I loved all the bands you listed above..except perhaps The Bee Gees..not because they suck but only because I had no exposure when I was younger.

    NKOTB-looooooved them when I was in high school! did you get to see them when they performed here? my favorite was Donnie the bad boy though.
    THE BEATLES-mom’s influence. we even have old records at home.
    GREEN DAY & WEEZER-loved them then, love them still! i have the casettes to prove it.
    INCUBUS-must we even discuss how awesome their music is and how super fine Mr. Boyd is?

    But I am a regular concert goer. I always watch concerts (or gigs) with my friend Ava. We try not to miss the rock acts that pass by our shores. Sayang kasi eh. The last one we saw was Nine Inch Nails last August. But the other acts that come here…pop or whatever, depende. We discuss it first before we decided to watch. =)

    1. Goes to show that great minds do think alike!
      I think you’re my long-lost sister–music wise–Fizz!!!
      Go post your own list. Am interested to know who you listen to 🙂

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