Postscript to an election

It’s been four days after the Philippines had its first ever automated elections and elected (so it seems) someone with less track record but with seemingly more moral backbone to the presidency.

For the record, I voted for the leading presidentiable, Noynoy Aquino. I voted for him not because I believe he was the best among the candidates (He wasn’t–the best were Gibo and Perlas) but because I believe he is the person I could best trust with running the country. That is my choice.

Anyway, the circus is almost over–‘cept for the neck-to-neck race for the vice presidency. Two men with different political platforms try to hold on to the hope of winning the position. The winning senators’ list looked like a really awful cast list in a very bad Filipino B Movie. . I don’t know about this country–we seem to be voting for the same buffoons over and over again. We never seem to learn our lessons. The winning 12 seemed to be really fine men but the presence of some names (cough*RevillaEstradaLapid*cough) amazes the hell out of me. Maybe because most of the people I voted for are all newbies, new bloods who I was hoping to change the level of slime in the Philippine senate, but then again–who am I to hope?

The same goes in local politics. Where I live, the people elected the son of our current mayor, who has been in power for the last 20plus years. I shudder the thought of having my kids vote for the current mayor’s grand kids 20 years from now. And oh, the mayor’s daughter also won as a congresswoman in the other district. It’s the same old political dynasty which I hope not to see in my dying years.

In the North, the Marcoses are back. Yeah, Imee Marcos is a cool, tough chick but with most of the family successfully re-emerging in politics (senate! governorship! congress!), my sensitive psyche reverts to memories of Martial Law. The outgoing President of the Republic has won a congressional seat in her district (Shame on you, Lubao!) And oh, the pound-for-pound king, Manny Pacquiao himself is now a congressman in Sarangani province. (Incidentally, Manny lost badly when he ran as a congressman in General Santos City where he was born and raised. So, what Manny did is to transfer residence in Sarangani, where he emerged victorious. Hmmmmmn, does that mean Sarangani has less intelligent and more uto-uto voters than Gen San? Sorry, just thinking aloud)

I guess the only ray of sunshine in this election is that the transmission of results went pretty fast compared to the ancient mano-mano which we used to do from previous elections. But you know, there are still sour losers, gloating winners, stupid winners who were lucky enough to get elected, political dynasty, artistas who got lucky and will hopefully prove their worth while in office, protesting supporters who go on offensive in exchange for a few bucks and a few kilo of rice.

If you ask me if the country will change following this election–I really hope so. I really pray that this will be the start of real, definitive change. The Philippines has been the sick man of Asia for as long as I can remember, no thanks to politicians who consider the country’s coffers as their personal bank account. As long as this country’s politicians adhere to the same partisan politics and serve not the people who elected them but the people who footed their campaign bills…this country will continue to go to the dogs.

It would have been easier on me if I am filthy rich and can literally uproot my family just to escape the misery brought by wrong governance and corruption. But I am just a girl, with a simple 11-8PM job, with simple dreams and basic wishes. This is the only country that I have.

Please don’t let the sacrifices of 50 million voters go to waste.

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