The attack of the Pretty Boys (and girls, too!)

While watching Animax, I came across this show which made me do a double take. Called ” Pretty Boys and Girls”, this Korean-made show featured a gaggle of pretty boys as they try to compete against each other for the chance to be the ultimate pretty boy.

Pretty Boys and Girls -- Why do I have a feeling that the guy on the left is not much of a guy? 🙂

What, you haven’t heard of pretty boys?

Pretty boys (and girls) is usually prevalent in South Korea where they are called by the term “ulzzang” (best face in korean). Ulzzangs are pretty (pun intended) famous in the internet. Usually their best assets are their eyes (they use eyelid glue, circle lens and fake eyelashes) plus lots and lots of photoshop before they post their pictures in the internet. See here for more definition of Ulzzang.

Truth is, a lot of Korean idols started off as famous ulzzang celebrities: Goo hye sun, Park Han-byul, Kang Eun-bi and Kim Hye Sung all started as pretty girls and pretty boys in the internet.

Go Hye Sun
Park Han Byul
Kim Hye Sun

This kind of sub-culture is so popular in South Korea that there’s even online tutorials on how to achieve that ulzzang look. For example:

If you ask me, I don’t have any problems with pretty boys (and girls) as they are really interesting and worthy eye candy. These are usually the kind you want to bring home to mom. Or they are the kind that you just want to look at over and over again. I repeat: look and not undress. The ulzzang’s Japanese counterpart is the bishounen — lithe, androgynous looking boys who look even prettier than your average girl.

But I do draw the line against the pretty boy who wears more make-up that I. Or the one who sways his hips to the music more efficiently than I do. Or the one who pouts and raises his eyebrow more bongga than I do. One of the “pretty boys” in the Animax show literally raised my “Gaydar” into full alert mode. He was so freaking funny as he is more maarte than the girls, and bitchy too! Watching the half-hour show and seeing this “boy” and his pa-diva literally made my abs hurt from too much laughing (instant work-out!). He is soooo maarte.

OMG, I just want to look for that danged guy and be-friend him. My gay friends would be so proud to have someone bongga like him in our fold–he will literally raise our “ka-divahan” level by a hundredfold.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Just a thought…but didn’t you warn me about watching Arashi videos on youtube before? About Jun-Kun’s *ehem* smooth dance moves? =)

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      but my “gaydar” doesn’t detect anything fizz!

  2. kim says:

    jun-yeon really,hes not a gay,at the first i thought he was but no he wasnt. …how can that pretty face can bacome a gay??anyway i luv jun-yeon,park sang-il and of course hong young-gi!!!GO GO~dont let that haters of u bring u down!!YOU DESERVE YOUR PRETTY FACES~AND ALL OF U DESERVE TO BE POPULAR!!:D

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Hi Kim!
      If you ask me, gay or not–he REALLY is cute and he deserves to be successful. Regardless of his sexual orientation.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Dragon_Princess says:

    A lot of people can have photogenic pictures without using make-ups, contact lenses, photoshop, and plastic surgery…

  4. yana says:

    er, can anyone tell me whose the 5th girl from the left in the first picture?
    the one with the purple leggings =)

  5. marikit says:

    i also like young-gi, aside from being funny and cute, she’s a brave girl too

  6. Always says:

    I luv Sangil very much!!! =)

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Now that I’ve watched it more than twice–I am leaning towards the cutesy, sweet girl young-gi (?)
      She’s a riot to watch 🙂

  7. sho... says:

    who is the guy in 9:47?

  8. ciyanda says:

    but…….where do they post their pictures?????i too wanna do it

  9. juniuetb says:

    l luv Sang-il,. He is so honest,. I luv Su-jong too,. They are all pretty,.

  10. juniuetb says:

    i even think that Sang-il is true PRETTY FACE,. He can sing, dance,. He is so handsome,. Sometimes he is so cute,.

    1. Rukia says:

      I luv sang il too. Do anyone have his e-mail id or phone number

  11. Nithya says:

    I love the show, it have lots of fun. The guy who host the show is hot. Even that girl have front big teeth, she is so funny . Oh god i love this show.

  12. Nithya says:

    I love young-gi. I think she is the funniest girl i have ever seen. Girl…. you rock

  13. dechen says:

    i think its a stupid show…. we are all pretty no matter who or what we are…..but i do watch it 2nd season only ^.^

  14. steph says:

    This is the most disgusting and worst show i’ve ever seen….how do these (pretty boys) justify being guys with all that make up… pathetic…u all shud start wearing skirts, sick!.

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