If you desire it, it will come

Recently, one of my good friends told me about this book called “The Secret” where it encourages the reader to “think positive” in order to achieve life-changing results. I haven’t finished yet the whole book (I fell asleep with a highlighter in my hand, good thing that the sheets were saved!) but I can say that the book seems a very interesting read, indeed.

One of the passages that I’ve read is that when “you will it, or if you desire it–it will eventually come to you” — I don’t know about other people who have read this book, whatever their heart desires. But me, I could probably say to your face that I am not someone who desires to be filthy rich. Fact is, I don’t need to be filthy rich just to be happy. I just want to have a comfortable life, with enough resources to secure my family’s future and make my parents’ proud. Comfortable enough to travel and discover new culture, comfortable enough to have a career and enjoy what I do, comfortable enough to build something for my mom and dad who worked their asses off their whole lives.

I’ve read that with the launch of the book comes also criticisms from those who think that the book provides false hope by “putting too much emphasis on positive thinking”. And maybe they do have a point.

But as I read last night and I think about last year where I was literally down in the dumps (health, finances, career) — I can’t help but wonder if it’s because of I was just too unlucky or was it because I just have too much negativity in my life?

Last year, I PRETTY MUCH HATED EVERYBODY–my past boss (who I blamed for ruining my blossoming career), my in-laws, the bank, the Hubby and myself… I just have too much hatred crammed inside my little heart. I hated, hated and hated. In the end, I was bitter and I was suffering from too much stress. My body gave up on me, my heart was overworked and hurt, even my veins (for my intravenous medications) gave up on me–thus, I literally have dozens of pinpricks on my hand and arms just to get IV.

On my nth visit to the emergency room at Makati Med–I decided to let go.

I quit my job and moved to another company. I made peace with the in-laws. I fixed my finances. I started to let go of the hate and learn to accept. I learned to be contented with what I have. Eventually, my health improved, my new company appreciated and accepted what I can offer to the table, and even the hubby found a new career. I became more positive. I stopped being hateful.

I am at a better place today and I continue to think positive thoughts. I stopped dwelling on the negative and started looking forward to the best things life can offer me.

I will continue reading “The Secret” with an open mind. As long as it makes me less negative, and makes me open-minded to the blessings that I might attract with my positivity.

Maybe, I can start with this:

here's a part of my work desk: willing the chance to meet one of my JPop crushes!

Or this:

This is a permanent fixture on my Vision Board. Guess why... 🙂

One Reply to “If you desire it, it will come”

  1. There! I finally saw the jun-kun photos on your work area. I’ll try and have one on mine pretty soon. I bet you know which photo I’ll pick! (wrapping paper anyone?)

    I’ve only read the secret once. A friend gave me a copy 2 years ago. Sometimes it’s really hard to stay positive but I try my best. I mean, it got me this job right?

    Now if I can only focus all the positive vibes into letting the universe bring me my soul mate! hehehe

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