The Philippine elections can be best described in one perfect phrase: a freak show of ginormous proportions.
But considering that for most of the year, or for most of 6 years Filipinos have been under the whims and the masochistic powers of these crazy politicos, this one particular day is the only opportunity we have to at least correct the mistakes we have done of electoral past.

So, I find it really insulting when stupid people accept a measly PHP200 in exchange for their votes. Or when these scummy politicians equate their stupid song and dance numbers to automatic votes from the (uninformed) masses. Sometimes, I find it disheartening when politicians assume they will garner votes just by bringing these celebrities on their sorties. Take your pick: the comedienne who regale the masses with her circus acts; the annoying pa-awa effect of the sleazy TV host asking you to vote for the “mahirap”; or the boxing champ who kept on inflicting himself to Philippine politics.

To put it bluntly, now is the only opportunity for us to make 6 years worth of mistakes right. This is the chance to change our situation and our country’s reputation as the major LOSER of Asia–no thanks to massive corruption courtesy of our beloved “public servants”

So, at 9AM today, I–together with the Omma and the Queen of All Cats trooped to our local precinct to cast our votes. The long lines, annoying SECURITY GUARDS, useless poll watchers (who crowd the precinct, adding to the high density of people), the stupid few who tried to cut in line–all of these are nothing compared to the importance of casting our vote and having our choices known.

I was a bit concerned at first cos I heard of that danged PCOS machine refusing to accept the VERY LONG ballot. The election precinct where I belong is not too crowded–about 30 people max inside the small classroom, but since the lines are orderly and the BEI (Board of Elections Inspectors) were kind and efficient, it only took me about 10 minutes to cast my vote. 5 minutes on the line to check my identification and to get my ballot; 3 minutes for me to fill up that danged thing and 2 minutes to feed it into the machine (CONGRATULATIONS!)

I went to the third floor (I was at the 4th) to look for my sis who was assigned to a different area. While passing time, we took pictures of the PHILIPPINES’ FIRST AUTOMATED ELECTIONS. All pictures courtesy of Lady Holden.

i hope the politicians (win or lose) will clean this mess!
This is where I've been voting since 1998!
can u find my sister?
yey! voting is FUN!
the path is not too inviting...but IT'S WORTH IT

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