Dharma Bummer

This is my blog–so I am allowed to rant, yes?
K-Stew fans, I’ll apologize ahead cos this won’t be pretty.

Kristen Stewart, the actress who lip-bites herself all throughout the whole Twilight Saga, was rumored to be starring on the movie adaptation of ON THE ROAD.

On the Road, a novel by iconic beat writer Jack Kerouac, was one of my biggest inspirations after University and when I was naive and freshly out of college. And now, no thanks to the machinations of Hollywood, this world will likely get seriously effed up by casting this actress whose definition of good acting is to pout and look bummed the rest of the time.


Seriously, I am bummed out. I have no problems with KStew being Bella, after all–she really does give flesh to the character, but to be part of the movie “On the Road”? Wow, so I am gonna see her lip-bite every scene she has with Dean Moriarty and Sal Paradise?

Thanks to all that young Hollywood shite, a classic piece from the time of liberty, freedom and idealism, and one that is hailed by Time Magazine as one of the 100 Best English novels from 1923-2005, will be reduced to an angst-y teen romance vehicle.

Now, I fully understand why J.D. Salinger refused to let Hollywood touch “Catcher in the Rye”. For sure, from being a classic, Hollywood will churn out something so commercial even Holden Caulfield himself will not freaking bother to watch.

Somewhere, Jack Kerouac is turning on his grave.

2 Replies to “Dharma Bummer”

  1. I read that book last year. It was one of the toughest I’ve ever read because it took me 4 months to finish it. Though I am aware of it’s contributions to literature, I really had a hard time relating to Sal because I was stuck in a job I hated and wanted to settle in a new place while he just kept coming & going as he pleased. Maybe it’s just wrong timing when I read that book. I’ll try and give it another shot. =)

    1. yeah, do give Sal and Dean and the rest of the characters a second chance
      you have to understand that “On the Road” was written by a beat writer who espouses freedom and liberal views… 🙂
      This was for the roaring 60s, fizz!

      Hope the second time you read the book, you’ll find it more appealing

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