...thank you, Lord Jesus for giving me people who love me

At times when I dare to think that birthdays are nothing but a jazzified ordinary day, often times coupled with all the material trappings–the Universe always manages to put me in a situation where I will always emerge as a bitter, crazy bitch.

I stopped celebrating birthdays a few years back–mainly because I don’t always get what I want. 5 years ago I wanted to have a kiddie party, complete with hats, dancing mascots and the spaghetti and chicken meal. Guess what? I didn’t have the money then so my wishes of a children’s party didn’t came true. In short, I’ve always planned on doing some over the top stunt on my birthday only to be thwarted by either me being perpetually broke or me being in such a foul mood.

Last night, I was convinced that the Universe hates me. You see, something we were expecting to arrive didn’t came through and I was prepared to hate the Hubby. No, I hated him with a passion last night–and if I could only land a straight one on his face, I would have. Let’s say he promised something which I was expecting but he didn’t deliver.

I woke up this morning with a bad headache and with my heart aching like there’s no tomorrow. As early as 9AM, I wanted the day to be over.

But God has a way with miracles. The hubby redeemed himself and I had to apologize to him for having so little fate with what he can do. While taking a shower, I took stock of how childish I acted. I also thought about the people who loves me and who lent me a bit of their time today to greet me on my special day.

I thought about my mom, who woke me up with her kisses and enthusiastic greetings.
I thought about my sister who greeted me while clutching her pregnant cat
I thought about The Hubby, who prepared my breakfast and coffee

As I type this, I thought about the numerous greetings waiting for my attention on my Facebook wall, the sweet email greeting from a good friend, the numerous texts, messages from friends I haven’t seen in a while.

I look up and see posts-its on my wall, from colleagues who gave me little trinkets as gifts. To my side was a huge whiteboard with INSANE birthday greetings, as well as crude messages.

I thought about the awesome ice cream I had with office friends and how a simple scoop of Selecta’s Gold Series made the day sweeter.

the crudest birthday messages ever! but i don't mind-- i love 'em!!!
did u see the cat???
some of my birthday presents from people from the office

..and then it hit me. I have so many reasons to be thankful for. So many reasons to celebrate this day.

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