Someday, my offspring would look like this:

As I have the tendency to dress like as if I am on my way to the latest party or ASAP taping, friends usually deduce that when I finally get to procreate, my kids would dress exactly like their mom.

I say they couldn’t be more spot-on.

While I am not exactly the most child-friendly individual out there, I still look forward to the day where I will have my Little Shin or Little Luna, and to the part where I will choose clothes for the little booger. I am thinking thights, tutu, pink polka-dotted mini blouses and argyle pattern socks for the little girl; neck tie or bow tie, skinny jeans and a plaid vest for the little boy. I am that excited to have my own kid–the thought of dressing them up for school, the mall or even just to chill out in my parents’ house.

Think JPop fashion but for kids! Or exactly like these pegs from Finger in the Nose, a brand featured at the Cool Hunter and with strong sense of rock and roll aesthetics. Aren’t these babies freaking adooorable?

these kids are freaking adorable (from the Finger in the Nose site)
see the little girl? that's my Little Luna (pic from finger in the nose site)

I swear to God, I will end up broke cos I am thinking that I won’t be able to stop myself from buying fasyon stuff for the little one. No corny cartoon characters nor corny looking clothes for the Little Shin, that I am sure!

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