With the impending birthday comes the usual requisite wish list.
When I was younger, I get really disappointed when I don’t get what I wish for. Maybe it’s damn arrogance or the innocence of youth–where I think I am entitled for things that my heart desires. And since the Universe ALWAYS gets a kick out of pissing people, it is usual that I don’t get what I wish for. Most of the time.

But I am wiser (yeah right) now. I know that I can’t always get what I want–but if the Universe (yeah, you friggin’ pang-asar Universe, am talking about you!) wants to listen to what my heart desires, here it is.

1. Laptop to make blogging easier for me. And so that I could resurrect my Online existence, as I’ve been a Facebook pariah for more than a month now. No thanks to the Baby Brother for botching their computer by loading it with 1000000gig worth of games!

I want this particular design and model from HP. I just needed something that would keep me present and existing online, PLUS MS Word for writing blogs, press releases, future freelance writing (*ehem*) and my novel.

2. I want Arashi to have a concert in the Philippines.

3. And oh, call me baduy or fangirl extraordinaire, but I want to meet Jun Matsumoto.

4. Continuous health for my dad and my mom.

5. New sets of clothes, preferably kawaii, J-style

from CanCam, May 2010

6. Masses offered in my behalf. This would help me a lot. Seriously!

7. Maturity and good health to my lovable little brats: the Baby Brother and the Queen of All Cats

8. Notebooks! Lots and lots of ’em…. (Moleskine, Jordi Labandas, etc)

9. “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly” and “No Reservations: Around the World on an Empty Stomach”, both by Anthony Bourdain (who is absolutely adore)

10. Success for my hubby cos he freakin’ deserves it. My Hubby deserves all the success and all the love in the world cos he is the kindest and most selfless human being I know.

the best gift often comes in an unexpected package

11. New insights and renewed learning to help me with my job.

12. Nihonggo Lessons – I need to go back to language school cos everything I’ve learned at my previous school was now rendered useless, no thanks to years of misuse. And now that I SERIOUSLY need to understand what people are saying, I always end up with my mouth hanging open and my mind virtually scanning my archives of Japanese words.

13. The chance to go back to school for my Masterals studies — inquired already. too expensive right now. Can’t afford it.

14. A coat of fresh paint + good fixing for the little hole in the wall which I call home

15. Something from CLOT Inc.. Preferably this:

Ooops, I’m sorry. I meant this:

all pics from Edison Chen's Blog at CLOT Inc.

These Bearbricks are available at CLOT Inc., for sale in HK. Or you could try if you could purchase at their online store. As soon as the plastic fantastic money gets a clear I might get something from CLOT and feed this obsession with EDC. (‘such a big, big fan…)

16. Killer shoes like the Adidas X Star Wars collab. Or something from Superga. Or Vans.

17. A pinku randoseru

18. The chance to finally see this IN PERSON

thanks Fizzy for this pic.

19. Or if not, a trip overseas. Like the long-planned December trip to good ol’ Singapura!

20. In His own blessed time, for our Little Shin to finally arrive

2 Replies to “WISH”

  1. A few words on…

    2. Oh that would be so much fun! May kasama ka na ba manood if ever? *fizz frantically waves both arms in the air*
    3. This is even better! May we stay cool & calm when that day comes. (and you used a photo of shin!)
    8./9. I love Tony! So angas. So cowboy. I’ll see what I can do about these requests. They’re easy enough to find.
    15. I see some of these “bears” around. Have you heard of the store called “clipper”? I can’t tell if they’re orig or knock off though. Coin bank ba to?
    20. Yes, in His own blessed time but I’m excited already! Your little Shin!

    1. Hey there Fizzy…

      2. Who else would appreciate our Stormy boys but you? Let’s make a pinky promise: when the time comes that the Stormy boys arrive in good old PH for a concert, LET’S WATCH ok? — barring tornado, civil unrest, Ondoy Part Deux Lans and Fizzy will watch the concert and will meet MATSUJUN.
      8/9. Tony is my guilty indulgence. Hey, no need to bother urself looking for this 🙂
      15. I think they’re knock offs. Bearbricks are sold by Edison Chen’s company CLOT Inc. They’re useless cutesy stuff.
      20. He knows when it will happen (sna lang po…malapit na)

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