Guess what came in the mail today…

heaven can wait

I don’t care if the magazine has only allocated a fraction of its pages to Ikuta Toma. What’s more important is that I have–in my hands–a copy featuring this sinful, sinful man-child.

This particular piece cost me about Y700, a bit higher than its shelf price in Japan. But I don’t care–someone was KIND enough to buy me an issue and send them to me via EMS. This wouldn’t be possible if that SOMEONE didn’t took pity of me and agreed to purchase the magazine in my behalf. This is what I love about this company–the possibility of someone buying me priceless issues such as these is SO GREAT I can kiss that good old kababayan wherever in Japan she may be.

...just a peek?

KG and lee-chan

(If you sell Japanese magazines, please contact me. I’d love to know your rates.)

Oh Johnnys, you keep us gasping for breath each time an AnAn Sex Manual Issue rolls by. Hmmmn…how about featuring Matsumoto Jun for the second time?

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