Wish I was “Somewhere in China…”

…or anywhere else for that matter.

Meet my new “must-watch-at-the-risk-of-being-late-for-work” program, “Somewhere in China” aired daily around 9AM at the National Geographic Channel.

“Somewhere in China” follows the adventures of the Hutchens brothers as they try to rediscover the country where they grew up as kids. The Hutchens brothers–Jeff, a photographer and Peter, a filmmaker–and both renowned on their own fields attempt to discover the never-before seen faces of China: whether it be witnessing the end of Ramadan atop an old building in Kashgar; participating in a “sort-of” polo match with a headless goat acting as the “ball” and discovering the Yangtze River.

The Hutchens Brothers share with viewers a refreshing take on China, probably the biggest country in the world, away from the usual things we usually associate with it: the gleaming buildings of Shanghai and Beijing, the Great Wall, and all the usual things we usually associate with the mysterious and enigmatic country.

Peter Hutchens
Jeff Hutchens

As I watch these brothers rediscover China, I can’t help but feel a pang of envy–these guys (maybe along with Anthony Bourdaine) has the BEST jobs in the world. In an interview with this site, the Hutchens brothers encouraged those who idolize them to work hard for something they absolutely love doing , “Work as hard as you can and realize that there’s no secret to getting where you want to go. It really comes to just working absolutely hard as you can and believing you can do whatever it is you want to do”

Here’s a part of their episode in “Kashgar”

Someday, when I finally have my cash, I will go around China like the Hutchens. Not only in China, but in Japan, the rest of Asia.

Maybe who knows what I’ll discover…

* All pictures from The National Geographic

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