humbled and thankful

I partied with a celebrity yesterday!

This is the part where I will sound smug, post pictures on Facebook and the internet showing me at various levels of insobriety and feigned coolness. If I am lucky, I will get to corner the celebrity and have my picture taken with her, so it will look like we are friends, and thus–I am so in.

But this is not that story.
And this doesn’t involve THAT kind of celebrity.

This story is about a famous actress, named Angel, who celebrated her birthday quietly and wholeheartedly in the company of the elderly. This story is about how one celebrity has allowed me and my colleagues access to a very private celebration and has tugged our hearts on how the words “selfless” can be used to described even someone who moves within the entertainment circles.

First, an apology. I know Angel would have rather that this does not get publicized. After all, here is someone who revels on DOING GOOD WITHOUT THE PUBLICITY. Her celebration was private–among friends and family–and she was kind enough to welcome us. I know she’d rather that we don’t gloss over it or post pictures of how she won the hearts of the elderly. I agonized about posting this last night cos I feel like I was invading her privacy and disrespecting a very special day for her.

But a part of me wanted to show a different side of a well-known icon. A part of me wanted to share with others how that day made an impact on me. And if this post will be instrumental in opening the eyes of countless others who would love to make an impact on the lives of others (especially the elderly and the needy).

So, I decided to compromise…as respect for this kind-hearted individual who’d rather do good deeds in silence, without publicity and fanfare (a far cry from the usual politicians and personalities), I’d be posting the activity and the fun and the memories we made that day, but never her pictures cos I think she’d rather not see it publicized too much.

To Angel Locsin, thank you so much for allowing me and my colleagues to be part of your celebration yesterday. People like you are rare these days–one who would rather give back in silence, than shout it out for reasons of personal gain. You are an inspiration to the people who adore and idolize you–more than your pretty face, your personality and personal advocacies makes you a truly incredible human being.

the elderly shares her McDo chicken with the numerous cats in the Golden Acre compound
I love this lola -- she had a ready kiss for everyone who comes near her.
lee, paul, KG, patrick
meet my dance partner (i love this picture!)
before the trip...

All the time–while inside Golden Acres–I had to call on all my willpower not to cry. It is heart-wrenching. For anyone to even consider leaving THEIR parents or grandparents there truly baffles me. I had images of my maternal grandmom flashing inside my mind and I keep going back to the time I was 18 and she passed away. My grandma was my mom’s life–and she was my constant guide and companion all through out my formative years (both my parents were working). Never in my life, even at my lowest, poorest and most miser state–would I inflict that kind of pain to my parents.

For a short time yesterday, it’s like having a grandmom once again. One lola kept on dancing with me and she looked so sweet. Their faces–the happy smiles they had–was simply just too beautiful to describe.

Moments like these where, in spite the miseries of daily life, we are reminded that we are still lucky and we are blessed and equipped to make an impact on the life of another human being doesn’t come by that often. Sometimes, fate sends an ANGEL to make us realize that.

It is now up to us to continue making positive changes in our world. To give back, to love back, to share and to remain profoundly human….

5 Replies to “humbled and thankful”

  1. thank’s for the heartwarming messages..about Angels private celebration at Golden Acres..I for one, became a volunteer in that institution and it really breaks my heart seeing those senior citizen ,abandoned and neglected by their own families…i could imagine how happy they are seeing the true Angel in their life..celebrating her very special day with them. I am really amazed by Angel’s Advocacy, she has a good heart..every body loves her. And it touched my heart reading your story..we felt the same..overwhelmed emotion by her nice gesture..i’m pretty sure the seniors at golden acres felt like they were TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL. thanx!

  2. Angel is such a beautiful and humble person.
    She sees to it that she gives back all her blessings to worthy causes.

    Thanks, kamikazee girl for sharing your unforgettable adventure with an ANGEL.

  3. that’s nice… Angel does not only leave a mark to the heart of the elderly but also inspires you to be a better person… Angel was not alone in this endeavor but surrounded with Angels like you… i hope you continue to help Angel in her worthy cause… God bless Angel and you people with her…

    1. Hi Weng and Grace,
      Exactly. It is what we do unto others that best reflect the kind of person that we are. As I’ve said, I am thankful to Ms.Locsin for allowing us to be part of her bday. Through her and thru this blog, may the needs of the elderly be brought to fore.
      The trip at Golden Acres was truly heart-wrenching. But thanks to an Angel, the elderly had great memories that Sunday. Something I think they’d remember for the rest of their days.
      Thanks for visiting 🙂


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