If you have a Death Note

…who’d you write there?
I came across this news from Japan Now about a kid in the States who was suspended for bringing a Death Note at school.

For the uninformed, a Death Note is a notebook where you write the name, the time and the date, and the manner of death which you wish to inflict to the @ssholes and b@stards who plague your miserable existence.

I think it’s too OA– hey people, no one will actually die. It’s just fiction.
I mean, if there’s really a true Death Note out there, where is it and how can I get my hands on one? There are a few names I’d like to add–like a few government official, the @sshole who refused to go away and the one person who made me miserable a year ago.

What about you? Who’d you like to write on a Death Note?

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