ima wo ikuru!

Robin Williams have said it, Cher and Christian reiterated it, “Seize the day!!!”
But how do you say it in my mother tongue (Japanese, of course!) ?

ima wo ikuru!

This is the exact sentiment of two-year old Japanese fusion restaurant and fine dining, Toki (which means this moment in Japanese). The cozy yet classy ambiance mixed with the amazing, amazing, AMAZING food served in this restaurant is best enjoyed in the company of beloved family, good friends and like-minded colleagues.

restaurant facade

Somehow, the combination of all three (good food, nice place and great people) are the foundation of great memories and (hard-to-come by) moments.

Me, I am grateful for the opportunity to discover Toki (thanks to my company and my job as PR). The place was small yet doesn’t feel crowded. For those who want privacy, you can opt to dine in their private dining areas and on the truly pretty “Tatami” room, which seats about 15 pax. (This is good for barkada bonding!)The tatami room was decorated with a mat, a small futon, Japanese knick-knacks and bric-a-bracs.

Joyce, the affable and friendly head server, told me that there is no set amount or cover charge for you to utilize the room. So, just bring your friends and family–and enjoy Toki’s personalized and impressive service.

close-up of that heavenly food from Toki (on the foreground was the beef teriyaki which literally melts in your mouth!)
This is what I had for lunch
The cutest cakes!

The food is simply awesome. Shucks, it’s like being transported a thousand miles away from good old Manila and seeing yourself in Japan, on a lunch break from a grueling (and enjoyable) shopping trip in Harajuku. The food is that good!

And what’s the best thing about my Toki experience?

It’s the bonding with office mates…

KamikazeeGirl with Jeza and Fresh

…picking brains and sharing ideas with the boss

…and capping off a successful event!

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