a visit to the Creek

Do you remember this show?

When I was 16 years old, this TV show was my world and Dawson Leery epitomizes the guy that I would want to eventually marry. Yes, feel free to laugh–it so follows that I have come to fashioning myself to Joey Potter and have even come to the extent of dressing like her. Blinded by this show, yes–I was also disillusioned to see Dawson after one of my college “barkada” who I chased all four years of college. Yes, this guy–with his his high-waisted pants and his “modern day Casanova” posturings–trampled my heart countless times like Dawson who kept on choosing Jen over Joey (for the first few seasons at least).

Well, after six seasons Joey chose Pacey over Dawson, and Dawson was left with “The Creek”. I finally got to kiss the object of my pubescent romantic affliction then promptly broke up with him, met the person who would eventually be The Hubby.

Dawson’s Creek was lauded when it first aired in 1998 due to its intelligent script and the use of complicated words by its lead actors (usually between Dawson, Joey and Pacey). This is also the first one to tackle more complicated subject on air (promiscuity, sex and homosexuality).

Here’s a sample line, in a season one episode that I love, called “Beauty Contest” (from the Dawson’s Creek official site)

JOEY: You know, and I thought this is what I wanted — for you to see me as beautiful. For you to look at me the — the way that you look at Jen. But the truth is, I don’t want that at all, Dawson. I want you to look at me and see the person you’ve always known and realize that what we have is so much more incredible than just some passing physical attraction, because you know what, Dawson? It’s just lipstick. And it’s just hairspray. Tomorrow, I’m gonna wake up, and I’m gonna be Joey. Just Joey. You know, the too tall girl from the wrong side of the creek.

DAWSON: Wait, Joey, this is all new to us, and we should talk about it, okay? Because no matter what happens, we can’t go back to the way things were.

JOEY: Dawson, you’ve had a lifetime to process your feelings for me. And I can’t spend the rest of mine hoping that you might throw a general glance in my direction in between your tortured teen romances with whatever Jen Lindley rolls into your life next. I can’t do it.

I miss Dawson’s Creek. After the show, it was hard for me to find an American TV series where I can relate to (not counting my short-lived romance with “Heroes”).

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  1. fizzywoo says:

    Same here! This was the last show I loyally followed on tv! I made sure I already had dinner and bathed by the time it came on because I wouldn’t want any trivial distractions such as “I’m hungry” or “I stink.” I was always for team “dawson+joey” and the girl I wanted for Pacey was Andy…who turned out to be kinda sorta crazy–she was sick right?
    I remember the scene that you posted! But my fanaticism kinda waned when they got to college and joey started seeing her professor. Weird. But I do miss this show. Thanks for the post!

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