A quick trip to the Burger Master!

The good Lord knows when to pick you up from your mundane everyday and give you small gifts that will make you smile.

Today, that gift comes in the form of a good office mate who let me tagged along for a short errand concerning plans for our endorser’s upcoming birthday. Before going to the cake shop we’ve decided to have lunch. I suggested my favorite burger place, Sango! Burger Master at the back of Makati Cinema Square. Have always been a fan of this burger place after I have tried their Rockwell branch, but I haven’t been to the original branch located in Amorsolo (Creekside Mall).

I finally got the chance to go there today (and introduce another unsuspecting–albeit willing victim to the delight that is Sango Burger Master)

Burger Master virgin pops her Sango cherry!
teriyaki + regular burger + the FATTEST fries you'd ever encounter!
origami cranes

these origami animals are just too cute to ignore

There is no words to describe how delicious the food at Sango are. The fries are crispy on the outside and literally melting on the inside, plus it comes with a ketchup and (japanese) mayo dip. And did I tell you they were freakin’ HUGE? My burger was awesome, as always while my office mate’s Yakiniku Rice burger was to die for (she had the rice bun changed to bread bun) and the servings is huge.

And the shakes? The coffee shake tastes creamy and mocha-ish. A nice complement to the tangy sauce of the burger. My office mate had the strawberry shake and she told me it was good.

So, yes….today, I am a happy yuppie. A trip to Sango! has a way of funneling out all negative energies and changing it with happy vibes. Too bad I wasn’t able to filch from the little origami animals on display.

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