A month to go, with still no one to vote for…

…the upcoming elections is probably the hardest when it comes to choosing the candidates whom you’d give your vote for. Maybe it’s because Filipinos have gotten tired of believing the same old crap and half-truths usually spawned by local politicians. They are now more careful, more aloof and reserved–a choice they’d rather make, than freely giving their trust to the power-hungry bast@rds eyeing the May 10 polls.

That d@mned ballot box was around 35 centimeters long, I think (compared to the 1/2 sheet lengthwise ballot before) NO THANKS to the countless party-list candidates cluttering Congress.

With a month to go, I haven’t got any idea yet who to vote for. I am only sure about voting for Mar Roxas as Vice President because he was the most believable during the Harapan debate (I would have given my vote to Perfecto Yasay as VP but there’s no way he would win). And with the recent announcement by the Supreme Court that “Ang Ladlad” (a party list group advocating gay rights) is now eligible to run for party list, Im sure that I’d vote for them too! (because I think the Congress needs more intelligent and more gutsy people…)

But for President and the whole shite, I really don’t know. What I do know is who I am NOT going to VOTE for.

1. To all the politicians whose roving PA system with their stupid campaign jingles, ruined my morning sleep, I am definitely not voting for you. Especially to the Makati councilor-wannabes whose jingle was to tune of “Sex Bomb”, “Ocho-ocho” and the one who spells the candidate’s name. First, your PA sytem sucks (tunog paos ang kumakanta). Second, hearing your PA system break the sound barrier at 7 friggin’ AM is not funny.

2. The wife, daughter, apo or WHATEVER of another politician–living or dead. What gives you the idea that you can be an effective public servant just because you are related to WHOEVER? First, your surname is not Kennedy. Second, the reason that the Philippines is in too much shite right now is because of KAMAG-ANAK INC. Nepotism is killing and ruining the Philippines. And third, If we vote for you now, how can you assure us that your SON, DAUGHTER, SPOUSE, APO or even your friggin’ PET will not run in the next election for the same position, or another? Pwede ba, tigilan nyo na nga kami!

3. Useless members of the Cabinet/current administration who DIDN’T DO THEIR JOB BEFORE and is RARING to stay in power, hence they are RUNNING for another (lower?) position. But since I am not from your province, you can be sure that hindi ako kawalan sa iyo. But I do hope your constituents will think long and hard on May 10.

…that goes for POWER HUNGRY @ssholes claiming they represent the marginalized sector (security guards, jeepney drivers, etc).

4. Politicians claiming they are for the poor. Please.

5. Politicians who claim they are in it due to the CLAMOR of the people. If you can explain and expound whatever that clamor might be, and provide results…I might reconsider.

I don’t really care much for politics. but I do wish people will start using more of their heads, rather than their hearts when election time comes. I hope the so-called poor will not be lured by money and the packed lunch or grocery that goes with it. Let’s avoid being melodramatic on election day. For once, let’s be sane and rational.

Why? I don’t exactly have the money to spend on migrating to a new country. If I am going to live in the Philippines in the next six years and hopefully procreate within the next two, I’d like to see a country not mired on it’s self-made hell. Please.

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