Officially employed

I received good news today that I am now a regular employee of my current company.

God is good.

The path wasn’t easy. For a time, I contemplated leaving because I don’t feel like I was part of the company, and that I was having a hard time finding my place and my purpose. I have rants and I whine almost everyday. I was always late or absent. I hated seeing my office building.

Then it hit me.

Six months ago, I prayed that I find a job that is located in Makati, that will not lead me to my early grave and with superiors that will treat me as a human being and not as a robot. I wanted a job that will make use of what I know in terms of writing, in terms of communications. In short, I was looking for a career that will guide me and will tide me till I grow old.

In a few weeks, I received a call from this company–located in Ayala Avenue, a rising beauty brand and filled with young executives. The fact that the company is Japanese-owned and reeked of Japanese culture made the deal more sweet.

In short, this company was the answer to my prayers.

And by being so negative and stubborn during my first two months, I was ruining this gift. I came to understand what I really mean to the team, to the organization. I have come to love my company and its people. Lastly, I finally found my place in the organization.

I started to change. I began going to the office earlier and with a more positive outlook. I began treating criticisms from the boss constructively. I began to tolerate and understand people.

I am glad I stayed. Hopefully, this is the beginning of good things for me here…

3 Replies to “Officially employed”

  1. Well, how should I start? I guess no other way to say my thoughts but this… I demand that you thank me, as an instrument by the powers that be, for inviting you with my sweet and charismatic voice.hehe Although, I apologize on behalf of those who had you waiting for, the Omnipotent One only knows, how many hours.hehe

    Is it safe to say that you wouldn’t blame my sweet voice anymore?lmaol

    1. Okay, how’s this?

      Dear Chris,

      I sincerely thank you for endlessly calling me–with your sweet melodious voice that–like sirens to a sailor–has left me enchanted. And me say “yes” to the company where I am right now.

      So, again I say this; Maraming Salamat!

      Hahahahaha! Loko ka!

  2. congratulations! my best wishes to you and your new career path. i am honestly & whole heartedly happy for you. it’s nice when you already feel a part of your new home/family.

    what you wrote actually inspired me–totoo! i’ve already been here for 8.5 months and there are still moments where i’m still finding my place. oh don’t get me wrong–the people are nice, the work is good & the pay is way better than my previous job but still, i haven’t found any tropa here which sometimes make it kinda lonely. but like you said, i prayed for this and i worked hard to get here and i don’t want to ruin the gift. the friends will come in time and i should just focus on doing my work well.

    you hit the jackpot nga in my opinion–working for a japanese company! perhaps eto na yung answer to your prayers of one day visiting your motherland! malay mo they’ll send you on a trip one day? *fingers crossed*

    is this comment long na ba? =) one more thing na lang..the only thing i’m not sure of right now is..will this be the company/job that i’ll grow old with? that remains to be seen.

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