Too much heat can kill you

I feel so paranoid.
I was stuck on the main highway outside our house, waiting for a cab which will take me to office.
Well, 300 soldiers from Sparta passed; a herd of elephants off to the circus as well as the wailing monstrosities otherwise known as election vehicles fitted with PA system also passed by one after another.

Still no cab.

By that time, I was baking in the hot, El Nino sun for a good five minutes. Sirens were also going off my head about getting heat stroke. My paranoid self started checking for symptoms–head ache, vertigo, increased body temp, increased heart beat. A cousin was suspected of dying of heat stroke three weeks ago, I don’t want to be the next casualty.

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By the time I got a cab, I was sweating profusely and the make-up I carefully applied on my face has melted. Over the radio, the announcers were discussing heat stroke and how to identify if you’re having one, as well as first aid necessary.

Again, warning bells were blasting full volume in my head.

At times like these when the local weather bureau has announced that we have YET to experience the worst (no thanks to our blatant disregard of the planet), it’s better to be safe…always try to stay indoors.As mentioned earlier, when exposed to the sun at prolonged times, always have water with you (DRINK LOTS OF WATER) cos dehydration plays a big part on incidence of heat stroke. Always be aware of warning signs: dizziness, fatigue, increased palpitations…

The moment you feel those symptoms, get out of the sun, stay in a cool place, try to lower your body temperature by drinking cold water (not freezing cold ok?)

Now excuse me, as I need another glass of water. My paranoid self won’t shut up.

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