Why I love doing business with the government: Getting Rabies Shots

As you all know, I hated doing business with the government due to bad experiences in the past

There is something about doing business with the government that makes me feel crappy and annoyed due to the little inconsistencies of service. PLUS–most of the employees really make you feel murderous.

Last Thursday, my 90-year old grandma was bitten by our ill-tempered tom called Kane. You see, my grandma is partially blind. But save for that, her memory and wit is as sharp as ever. She also walks quite fast–a rarity for someone who is almost a century old. Last Thursday, while spending the day at home due to the Holy Week, she woke up and promptly stepped on the tail of Kane who was then sprawled on the floor beside the sofa bed. Kane, the tomcat from hell, bit my granny. Her lower calf was bleeding and my dad had to do first aid to arrest the bleeding and clean the wound.

Thus, a trip to Makati City Hall’s anti-rabies clinic is in order:

Rabies kills...!

First–some props. As far as I know, only Makati City has a Health section where they offer cheap vaccine for rabies, Hepa cases, measles, etc. A trip to the Makati Health department, located at the 7th floor of the City Hall would at least put to rest rabies fears of people who have been bitten by dogs or cats. The personnel assigned at the section though recommends a quick trip to San Lorenzo Hospital for complete treatment if the dog or cat starts displaying some weird behavior.

Last time I checked, Kane is still as smug as ever.

The medicine available at Makati Health is cheaper (a dose costs only PHP450…about 10USD), compared to what is available in hospitals (going as much as PHP1,500-PHP 4,500 a pop). Thus, it is no surprise that majority of residents rely on this service especially during summer where most incidents of rabies happen.

So what pisses me off? Let me count them:
1. To the annoying middle aged lady carrying her whiny son – next time, know the concept of “falling in line”. This lady seemed to know someone from inside that’s why she continued to demand people to fawn on her and her whiny son. Two employees had to be summoned to stick that damned needle up the kid’s chubby arms.

2. The city hall employees who seemed to be in the middle of their health check-ups and had to crowd the small office for a “stamp” whatever the f@ck that was. My grandma was being interviewed for the background info, but the interview had to be cut short ten million times due to the endless stream of employees who are after that d@mned “stamp”. And they had no courtesy, they just barge in there and sheepishly approach any person in charge EVEN if there are other patients who were there first, WAITING for their turn

Good thing that the personnel in charge of my grandma had enough sense to stop the mayhem brought by the horde of employees, pointing out that a 90-year old grandma is first in line for the service.

Maybe it’s just me–but there’s really this feeling of nonchalance that you get when you deal with government employees. It’s like most of the time, they don’t really care what happens as long as they do their job. It’s also that feeling of being “entitled” that really irks some people. Like they are “entitled” to do this, “entitled” to not follow lines, common courtesy, etc.

Anyway, my grandma is fine.That’s whats important.

And oh–a quick reminder from your usually angry KamikazeeGirl, incidence of rabies is the highest during summer, ensure that you are safe even from your own pets. If you get bitten or even scratched (by your cats), visit the nearest health clinic or hospital for an anti-rabies shot. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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