Rediscovering Running

For a few weeks now, I’ve taken to running laps on the newly opened Ayala Triangle Gardens, located beside the Makati Heritage Museum.

Here’s what I see every night while huffing and puffing on the winding roads of the park:

Makati Stock Exchange Tower One
symphony of trees
artwork installations by Arturo Luz
my tired aching feet!
look, there's even wi-fi!

Every night, there are a lot of Makati pencil pushers hanging out in the gardens, clad in work out gear. This has been my routine for about two weeks now and I am beginning to enjoy running. It is not exactly easy, as years and years of inactivity had taken a toll on my body. I am now a lot of pounds heavier and it’s not really easy to catch my breath.

But running gives me a quick escape from the day’s worries. While I know it is good for my health, it is the “alone” time that it gives me that I sincerely welcome. With my iPod on, running and catching my breath, I get to think of things and enjoy the company of someone who truly understands me—myself.

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