ATM machines are for people on the go…

A quick rant because my head ache is killing me.
Before I went to work this morning, I detoured on a nearby ATM machine to check my salary. I was low in cash and I figured a 5-minute trip to the bank wouldn’t hurt my chances of getting to work early.

I am sadly mistaken.

Inside the ATM booth was a mom and her daughter taking their own sweet time on the friggin’ dispenser.
A 3-minute transaction was fine, but for you to take 10 minutes inside the booth was too much. I think the reason banks made ATM is for convenience and for people on the go, those who can’t be bothered to go inside the bank to do their transactions.

The ATM machine is not for people who:

* needs to do multiple transactions. Like withdrawing out of 5 cards while inside. Imagine the time wasted–first one will check for the available balance, withdraw then check again the balance. Multiply that 5 times.

* is forgetful — imagine forgetting your PIN and staying inside the damned booth trying out various combination. The fact that there is a line of people waiting outside doesn’t bother nor faze you.

* DOESN’T KNOW how to use a friggin’ machine and risk ruining it in the process.

To the woman inside the machine who was withdrawing from multiple cards AND taking her sweet time doing it, next time, do us a favor and do your transactions inside the bank.

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