Did you feel it?

At 1-sumthing PM today, I was literally minding my own business when I felt the building sway…
I worked my whole life on small buildings, the tallest of which is the third floor. So, my current work is my first one where I am 22 floors above ground.

Imagine my paranoia when a slew of earthquakes started happening. I have an overactive imagination and quite a morbid mind, and I refuse to entertain thoughts on what will happen to me should a intensity 6 earthquake hit Manila.

Then, it struck….

Honestly, I am scared even till now. So scared that I begged the Hubby to remain online the rest of the day to accompany me while I work. Thank God the Queen of All Cats is at Intercon covering a press conference while the Bunso from Hell is at his former university processing documents for his new job. Mom and dad works at small buildings while the Hubby is at home as today is his rest day.

I never prayed as hard as I did today.

Thank God there was no damage, no injuries or anything horrible that happened due to quake. The Lord will always guide and protect.

2 Replies to “Did you feel it?”

  1. i’d be scared sh!tless if i was on the 22nd floor. my first office building had 15 floors and i was on the 10th or 12th i think. my next building only had 2 floors and i was on the first. now, i’m back to 15 floors and i’m on the 10th. when that quake hit, my knees really turned to jello. we have tvs hanging from the office ceiling and man were they really swaying!

    1. Hey Fizz,
      I think it’s the first time for me to LITERALLY praying for dear life! Sc@red Sh!tless too!

      Thanks for dropping by!


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