Next time, stop being magnanimous on TV…

In this second video post, Loren’ answers were almost the same with Mar’s? What gives, huh?

The best thing about ABS-CBN’s “Harapan” was that Filipinos were able to see these politicos apart from the leering questionable people that they really are. Minus the annoying political ads and the jingle that sticks in your head, these debates provide people the chance to really see their characters.

I never liked Loren Legarda — I think she’s fake, magnanimous and uses her good acting skills (courtesy of 20 years in broadcast) each election time. Like the presidential candidate in her party, Manny Villar who’s practically salivating to be president, I think she’s too eager to be vice president of the Republic.

(Full Disclosure: I am also not yet sure about Noynoy cos his sister, Kris gives me the creeps and makes me lose my lunch.)

I also don’t like Bayani or Binay — Bayani because I never got the pink signs all over the metro and his propensity for “tough love”, and Binay cos I spent my whole life with him as my city mayor. His leadership in Makati reeks of nepotism and I dread the thought of a Binay apo running my city in 20 years time.

Jay Sonza, I didn’t know you were running so your presence in the debate was really a surprise (though you were good and you know your stuff).

During Sunday’s “Harapan”, Loren was annoying to look at: she had this fake smile all through out the show, looking magnanimous and placating at the same time. What’s she’s trying to project? That she’s god damned mother nature?

…by making Loren Legarda lose major pogi points at a very crucial time, Mar Roxas gets my vote as Vice President of the Philippines. I wish Perfecto Yasay was running for some other post cos if he was, I am voting for him.

I just wish people see how good and decent Yasay is and that (if ever he loses in this election), he will be given a government post where his professionalism can help other people. I think the Philippines need someone like him.

Now that I have a vice president, I now need only to look for my president, senators, congressman, mayor, etc. etc…to fill my freaking ballot, otherwise I will just be putting a lot of Xs on the whole thing

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