Sole Love

Oh my God. Hubby, I might be in love.
I am looking at the Vans website, and — please allot a space on your bank account for me.
My birthday is soooo near na (about 2 months away) Can you please, please, please get this for me?

Pretty please?!!!!!!!!!


Two versions of the Fourty-Four Hi. Oh Lord, can this be Luuuuurv I am feeling right now? This is insane! I imagine wearing this work.

purple madness

Luxe Wellesley Limited Edition Spring 2010. I like purple. I think this shoe screams “Hella Cool!”

Sophia Vans

This shoe is the reason why I am currently drooling over the Vans site. I loooove shoes like these! I can picture ’em looking all nicey, matched with my office wear. (drools…)

So now, I am again hankering for something that will ruin my monthly budget. I have yet to buy the Superga shoes with cartoon characters in them that I saw at Glorietta 5.

courtesy of the Superga website

Why must I always torture myself with pretty things that I can barely afford?

All Vans picture courtesy of Vans Website
Superga shoes courtesy of Superga website

One Reply to “Sole Love”

  1. pretty, pretty shoes! i loved them all…but not so much lang the one with the pink laces. ano ba, it’s not a crime to spend a few bucks on your luho. you worked for it and dammit you deserve to wear those shoes! easy on the drool though…=)

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