The fashionable people in the neighborhood

While getting ready to leave work earlier this evening, I started taking pictures of the fashionable people at work.

I love dressing up, even if I’m just going to work and is expecting a crummy, insane day at the office. I don’t know about you, but there’s something with putting a snazzy attire that lifts my spirits and inspires me to do good for the day. A nice shoes, or the dress that sets you apart from the crowd, or dressing up and not looking like the 10 thousand other people inhabiting the office building… it’s a little thing, but if it makes you feel better why not?

Been part of the current company for almost six months now (which reminds me–I AM ALREADY DUE for REGULARIZATION!) and in the last six months, I pretty much regaled the whole office with my fashion choices. I go to work in boots, tights, dresses, a bow tie or a neck tie, school girl skirts, jodhpurs… and shocked the hell out of everyone by dressing up as if I am from a catalog (hopefully, not from Natasha or Avon).

Truth is, I am not doing it for their entertainment, I do it cos it makes me feel better. It makes me look forward to burning time behind a desk. I do it for myself, not for any one else.

Anyway — here are the fashionable few!


Steff wears a cute pink polo (with the collar popped up), tight jeans and cute red sneakers plus brown striped bonnet

fashionably preggy

Lejanie looks really cute today. When i get pregnant, I want to look that cute still — she wears black shift dress, cardigans, thin belt for accent and flat sandals

This guy is one of our event suppliers (and thus, technically not an officemate). Paul–who looks like he belongs to the Star Circle Batch 10–gave me my first bow tie. Today, he wears a thin sweater over striped tees, jeans, and amazing cute sneaks

i love these shoes!

Another guy from the events team, Patrick. I adore his shoes, which I think made his simple outfit attention worthy! I loved his shoes so much I couldn’t resist but take a picture of it.

Here’s me yesterday, Friday:

Dress – Sangini (from London, UK), gifted by my mom-in-law
Tights – random brand from the Landmark Dept store, about PHP30
Ugg-style boots – brand unknown (from Abu Dhabi, UAE), gifted by baby sis
Hoop earrings – from Divisoria, PHP30 for a set of 8

Here’s me today, Saturday:

Cardigan – catalog-bought, from men’s selection, about PHP250
Shirt – Team Manila I Love PH series, gifted by friend during Xmas exchange Gift
Jeans – Bench, about PHP700
Ugg-style boots – brand unknown (from Abu Dhabi, UAE), gifted by baby sis

I am planning to fix my closet after this post cos I think I have tons of other clothing under the junk….

So, if you ask me — wear what you want, Don’t mind what they’re saying. Life is too short to stress out on what other people might think!

2 Replies to “The fashionable people in the neighborhood”

  1. damn girl you’re super cool! sabi ko na nga na it’s only right that you’re on my list of “coolest people i know” and mind you, that’s a short list lang ha! you rock!

    1. Hahaha!
      Thank you!
      If being cool means doing what you believe in, reveling in what you love and being who you are — then, I guess I maybe cool.

      Thanks for the gift of friendship!

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