The deal with singing “Bayang magiliw….”

Next time, I think it should be the National Historical Institute (NHI) who should concur with Manny Pacquiao on who should be singing the Philippine national anthem for his fights. Or better yet, maybe it should be someone from the NHI who should do the singing — since no one so far, has passed their stringent measures in singing the anthem.

Every time Pacquiao has a fight and a singer is chosen to do the HONORS of singing the national anthem, you can bet that this feeling of honor would eventually revert to that of horror, especially after the NHI judgment of the performance. And in most cases, HONOR to HORROR nga!

One innocent question. How do we sing it really?

Cos back in elementary and high school, where I am always compelled to sing it along with the rest of the class during the morning flag ceremony, we sing it as is. Meaning, we don’t really care the technicality and the intricacies of singing THE anthem. In fact, we sing quite bad–in a lilting, annoying manner that really doesn’t make sense. Most of the times, the words are even wrong.

Maybe NHI should invest in letting people know more about the Anthem. Cos it’s a shame that from childhood, we really don’t know how it should be sung> What words to stress, what words to give emotion to. As far as I can remember, there was not one bit information dissemination on our National Anthem.

Maybe that’s why some people–especially the young–disregard it. Because do not see the gravity of singing our anthem. Unlike in the US where the singing of “the Star Spangled Banner” is considered almost holy, full of patriotism and pride.

Does this mean that this is what we Filipinos lack? Patriotism. Pride of our national identity and cultural heritage.

I am not writing this just to antagonize the NHI. Truth is, there’s nothing in it for me. But as a person immersed in mass media, IT JUST GETS TIRING WHENEVER PACQUAIO HAS A FIGHT AND NHI RUINS THE MOMENT BY GOING APE SHIT ON THE HAPLESS SINGER WHO SUNG THE ANTHEM.

It’s jut not funny anymore. Yeah, Christian Bautista deserved the flak before before because he FORGOT the LYRICS to a song where most kids grew up singing to. But the other singers? Do they really know how to sing it (minus of course, the usual vocal calisthenics present).

If you look back, the history of NHI castigating every singer who was blessed with singing the “Lupang Hinirang” (oh, you thought the title was “Bayang Magiliw”?) was long and annoyingly funny.

Somehow, no one got it right. EVER!

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