Discovering “Dolly-kei”

Again, I am reminded why–deep in my heart–I am convinced that I was supposed to be born a Japanese. Having the time of my life trawling over Tokyo Fashion, when I came across this feature on “Dolly-kei”.

These pictures are from a shop called “Grimoire” in Shibuya and features an array of vintage and antique clothing, accessories and shoes with that “fairy tale, gypsy, bohemian” feel.

Looking at the racks and racks of clothes, and the shoes and the accessories and the dolls brings me too much envy and lust with such interesting pieces of clothing. Once again, I am tempted to sold all my remaining possessions and uproot myself and the Hubby for a life in Japan!

Dolly-kei is simply delighting! While I once harbored illusions of unleashing my inner Lolita in the chaotic streets of Manila, I had to take a step back due to the possibility of my parents having a series of heart attacks lest they see their eldest going all “Gothic-Loli”.

But Dolly-kei–and its inspiration culled from the magical and gilded (and spooky) age of dolls, Narnia, fairytales and Alice in Wonderland–is simply perfect. I can go to work in “dolly-kei!” (Wait, can I really?) The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to try it out. Imagine the lace edgings, the sheer yet elegant clothes…oh, I am going to have a heart attack due to so much joy.

Grimoire has its own website and blog. You can also check out their online shop. Me, definitely am going through their virtual shelf, with credit card in hand….prepared to take the ultimate fashion fantasy

Full credits:
Tokyo Fashion for the first three pictures and as story source. for the pictures of store owners, dress and skirt

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