The end of a dream?

Since I first laid my eyes on Singapore, the City State, I promised myself that I will migrate there together with the Hubby. There, at the well-kept and well-maintained streets of Singapore, my feet will trod as I look for jobs that will take advantage of my passion and my desire for a new job, and a new life. In its gleaming buildings which I will call home, and in its high tech hospitals, I will give birth to my future kids. I had it all planned out — never mind if I should switch to another field and study once again. This is my family’s future at stake and I’m willing to go through hell just to make it better and make it right in life.

But I’ve read from today’s Global Inquirer that my dream country is now shutting its doors to foreign workers due to the stiff competition faced by the locals.

Now I am left to ponder my next move. Staying in the Philippines doesn’t sound exactly like a good plan. I know, I love my country but the possibility of facing 6 more years under an incompetent, corrupt government official doesn’t exactly sound like a good plan. The election has traumatized the hell out of me. I am thinking that the moment that I put “that name” in the ballot, my chosen candidate will morph from human to crocodile, in a span of days.

I wish Singapore will reconsider its plan. Promise I’m gonna be a good citizen — I won’t spit (which is icky in the first place anyway), litter and even chew gum!

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