Pregnancy pressures

Thanks to the recent announcement by one of the Philippines’ premiere actresses that she is expecting, the pressure for me to get pregnant just intensified a hundredfold.

Let me please clarify a point: I couldn’t be more happier for the award-winning actress and her husband, Ryan Agoncillo. But apparently, us being married a few months apart, has taken some people to peg her pregnancy as a signal that I too should be pregnant and announcing the baby news anytime soon.

It’s not like I don’t want to get pregnant because certainly I am not doing anything NOT to be pregnant. But how can I let people know that it isn’t happening JUST yet?

Some folks just can be ruthless at some times: “ang tanda nyo na, wala ka pa anak?”, “baka hindi ka na makabuo”, “naku baka naman mahina si Hubby, hindi maka-bulls eye!” (“You’re not getting any younger, why don’t you have kids yet?”, “You might not conceive anymore”, “The Hubby’s too weak, he can’t hit the bulls eye)

Wow. Thank you for insulting me, my ovaries and the husband in the process! I hope things go well for you too!

If only people know what the Hubby and I wouldn’t give just for a baby of our own. The Lord knows we’ve been praying for own little Hubby or little KamikazeeGirl–we’ve been praying for it so hard that it’s almost too painful to hear people make our inability to conceive (yet) a fodder for discussion.

Truth be told, it’s disrespectful and in bad taste. And if you’re my friend reading this–enough with the stupid “buntis ka na ba?” (pregnant yet?) questions because it’s starting to get irritating at this point.

Me and the Hubby wants to think that the Lord is taking his own sweet time in delivering our perfect bundle of mischief 🙂 Our Faith wants to offer everything to him and to his divine guidance. Every prayer in answered in God’s Perfect Time.

So here we are, two people–enjoying our “us time” for the meantime. Truth be told, we couldn’t wait for the time for another Life to join us and our little family. I just wish people will finally learn basic courtesy and shut the hell up.

2 Replies to “Pregnancy pressures”

  1. True, everything in God’s own time. Ako naman I feel insulted when people badger me with comments like, “wala ka pa ding love life?!” That hurts really bad because I’d love to have one–so much love, and not a special person to share it with. Oh, the best one I’ve heard came last xmas. An aunt’s eldest daughter gave birth–they kept it a secret, everyone found out lang when the baby was already there–during the annual family xmas party. She’s about 5 or 6 years younger than I am and they’re not yet married. The guy lives pa with them! And you know what the dad told me when I came over to greet him happy holidays? “O, pano ba yan? Naunahan ka na ni…”. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know I was in competition with your daughter…your daughter by the way who hid her pregnancy and is not married. Eh sila nga na parents didn’t even bother spreading the news. What a bunch of…grr!

    1. Oh-kaaay…
      I know he is your uncle and all, but you should have told him, “Oh well, if having a baby means being unmarried and keeping it from the rest of the family is your cup of tea…then I’d rather pickle my ovaries and keep them in a jar.”

      People like that annoy me no end. They should mind their own business. Period.

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